some of the 50 participants   

some of the 50 participants



Nancy Zalusky Berg, International Divorce Attorney and Mediator, discusses the Broken Circle Project.

Broken Circle - Children of Divorce and Separation is a collection of photographs and statements from young adults, 18 to 25, who answered my questions: “How are you impacted by your parents’ divorce? How does it affect your perceptions, plans, goals, hopes, and aspirations regarding relationships, commitments, and thinking about your own future marriage and children?”

And often the participants commented “no one has ever asked me.”

Given the opportunity, this population has poignant and illuminating observations to share: personal life experience that may help others to understand the unintentional consequences of the parents‘ split.

While not pro or con divorce, the photos and stories in Broken Circle Project provide intimate insights to help legal and mental health professionals guide their clients toward healthier, more holistic family outcomes.



Watch these videos for comments from Family Law and Mental Health professionals regarding Broken Circle.


Glenn Hirsch, Ph.D. - Licensed Psychologist, Director of Counseling & Consulting Services, U of MN discusses Broken Circle Project.


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